$old @ auction; “Hackney Carriages” London, (c) Lahary Pittman

"HACKNEY CARRIAGES" London, 2010; (c) Lahary

“Hackney Carriages” London, 2010; (c) Lahary

In London a hackney or hackney carriage (also called a black cab, hack or London taxi) is a carriage or automobile for hire. This bold B&W photograph was taken at the Liverpool St. “London Underground” station merely one block from certain set locations for both “Match Point” by Woody Allen and “Basic Instinct 2”. In the United Kingdom, the name hackney carriage refers to a taxicab licensed by the Public Carriage Office in Greater London. In the United States, the police department of the city of Boston has a Hackney Carriage Unit, analogous to taxicab regulators in other cities, that issues Hackney Carriage medallions to its operators. Thus the origin of the New York colloquial term “hack” (taxi or taxi-driver), “hackstand” (taxi stand), and “hack license” (taxi license) are derived from “hackney carriage”.

The name ‘hackney’ was once thought to be an anglicized derivative of French haquenée—a horse of medium size recommended for lady riders; however, current opinion is that it is derived from the village name Hackney (now part of London). The first documented ‘hackney coach’—the forerunner of the more generic ‘hackney carriage’—operated in London in 1621. Astoundingly, “electric hackney carriages” appeared even before the introduction of the internal combustion engine to vehicles for hire in 1901..pre-dating recent automobile innovations such as the Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Prius etc. by 110 years!


“Old Chelsea” (c) Lahary; ‘Before Chelsea Became the Art Capital of The World’

"OLD CHELSEA" (c) Lahary

“OLD CHELSEA” (c) Lahary

“Pray For Pills I”, Lahary (c) 2007



“Kunstzaak Brugge” (c) 2010, Lahary Pittman; On tour on a rainy day in Bruges, Belgium


A rainy day in Bruges

Inlijstinjen Kaders, 050-3383-92 In Beautiful Bruges

“The Undercast II” 2010, Gelatin Silver Print

The Undercast II

The Undercast II


Part of an essay I shot of the New York Trapeze School across the street from where I lived in Tribeca near Ground Zero on the Hudson River.

New York City Trapeze Artists

“South Street & Rutger’s Slip”


A UK collector acquired this downtown New York City image in 2010 and I donated a portion of the proceeds to the ‘UNICEF Tap Project’ which provides clean drinking water to children worldwide. The % from this particular sale allowed for 140 days of clean drinking water to be given to children.

In a city that has been the subject of innumerable cinematic and photographic efforts..this originally conceived in-camera vignette effect was derived from a aspherical wide-angle lens I used on top of another lens (thus shooting through 2 len’s simultaneously) that provides a one-of-a-kind composition that simultaneously depicts ‘both the Manhattan-and-Brooklyn bridge’s; the South Street Seaport; Wall street; the East River; and downtown Brooklyn’. As such, “South Street & Rutger’s Slip” was also purchased & published by the New York Press Newspaper as part of their call for ‘unusal photographs of Manhattan’.

Intersecting the natural sphere of the lens at the right is an exit ramp from the FDR Drive descending from above my photographic perspective. “Taken while standing in the rain, the image is infused with a misty veneer of gray-scales rounded off by a perfectly circular raindrop on the lens”. All combining to make this 35mm b&w silver gelatin print an innovative-yet-classic contemporary view of lower Manhattan desirable to collectors of cityscapes, landscapes and architectural skylines”. (*This photograph is from my series “The Shifting Boundaries & Culture of Manhattan’s Lower East Side”).