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Déjà Vu ~ Hybrid Orchid


Déjà Vu

Sennelier Oil Pastel on highly textured & tactile 30.5 x 40.6 cm, 136 lb, 290 g Canson Canvas Paper ~ Papier toilé | Papel lienzo {unframed}. This pink and red hybrid orchid is rendered from life against a relatively pale yellow background, and is inspired in style by the Art Nouveau period. A rich, sumptuous original work, created from the “very best” recognized materials, and is not available anywhere as a print. Collectors will appreciate this work as a wonderfully delicate floral accomplishment worthy of inclusion to their collection.


“Open All Nite” 2006 (c) Lahary; Silver Gelatin Print; The Village, NYC

"Open All Night" 2006 (c) Lahary

“Open All Night” 2006 (c) Lahary.

$old to a collector in Paris..Shot in the East Village of downtown New York City near where I lived. Part of my ‘Shifting Boundaries of Manhattan’s Lower East Side’ Series.