“Auction & Exhibition” ~Fall Edition/2011~ Page -1-




Museum Auction Presents Seldom Seen Works
of my Naïve Folk art and Western themes.

“Fantasy Farm” and “Morning Sunshine”

I am proud to announce that after being invited by the Attleboro Arts Museum in Massachusetts to present two works in their 20th Benefit Auction, that my seldom seen drawing “Fantasy Farm” was sold to a New England collector. Both the drawing and also a photograph are part of an ongoing series which depict the Western Catskill mountains. As such they are western Americana in theme-which is a drastic contrast to my last completed series of urban street photography. In fact, the image shown above is part of a press kit from the museum, showing a staffperson acatually hanging my photograph “Morning Sunshine”.
  • The 20th Attleboro Arts Museum Benefit Auction ran through November 5th in Attleboro, Massachusetts, and was part of their “Auction Spotlight Exhibition” which had an opening reception October 14th. The museum also conducted a wine tasting of 100 varietals of wines on Oct. 30th at the exhibition. The live auction was a gala event on November 5th. $40 tickets were purchased at the door-or were $35 in advance.
    Fantasy Farm

    "Fantasy Farm", Ink on Illustration Board, 20x30" Western Catskills

    I have 2 con-current emphases in drawings; primarily working in Naïve, primitive folk art pastels..(for which the pre-cursor that launched me into that direction is this B&W large format drawing). My secondary concentration is abstract pastels.

    ”Fantasy Farm” is an original Folk Art Drawing depicting the Western Catskill and Pocono Mountains. It is ink on illustration board and is in a new frame made of black wood and a black mat with white trim. The subject matter is composed of 15 different landscapes from these two primitive mountain area’s. Desirable for collectors of Western, Folk, Naïve & Americana. It is signed, titled & dated on verso of mount.

  • Morning Sunshine

    "Morning Sunshine", 18x24" framed pigment print

    “Morning Sunshine” is an original fine art pigment print photograph on enhanced matte fine art paper, and is signed on verso of mount. It portrays a classic Western theme in a delicate, painterly manner. The work was photographed on celluloid in the Western Catskills and is newly mounted onto beveled Larson-Juhl mat boards–with a double thick 8ply over-mat inside black metal frames.


    • Fall Auction Works represented by Lahary Pittman: “Antique Photographs”

    Sold @ Auction ~ Antique 1860's Photograph by Knowlton Bro's

    Sold @ Auction ~ Antique 19th Century Photograph by Knowlton Bro's

    Sold @ Auction: This fine antique photograph was taken in the latter 19th century & has dimensions of 6 1/8 x 4 1/8″ .. A collector is Silver Springs, Maryland acquired this work. The print is of a young woman’s profile set in a cloud-like semi-oval shape of negative space below her image. The photograph and card are in good condition with an attractive near-peach background supporting the profile. On verso are what appear to be slight tape-removal-marks at the top and bottom, suggesting the card was mounted at one time by a former owner.

    This print was made by a team of brothers-identified in the card space below the print as “Knowlton Bros. – plus their logo of an interwined lettering of K & B into a single character-Photographers.


    • 1800’s Antique Photograph from THE ARTIST’S collection

    Antique Albumen Print

    Gann’s & Co. Albumen Print

    This fine antique picture has dimensions of 8 7/8 x 5 1/4″ (Image area 5 1/8 x 2 5/8″). The image appears in an oval shape within a large cream colored card mount. The print appears to be an aged albumen photograph as evidenced by prominent “silvering” within the darker areas of image at hair, eyes, lips, chin, sleeves and lower sloping area of bodice. An attractive, confident Camden, NJ woman posed standing with arms clasped behind her back. Possibly a seamstress or woman of some independence. Recto of card in good condition with slight darker area’s at upper right due to age.

    The photograph studio is identifed on recto at bottom right in cursive style as Gann’s & Co., 205 Federal St., Camden, NJ. *(Wavy lines of digital image below is not actual physical appearence-but due to the scan). The image itself is in pristine condition. The board shows one area of foxing to upper right and overall is in good to very good condition. On verso within the oval inlay are the numbers 35703 written in pencil. Clean back surface.

    “See the Fall Edition’s *Featured Artist* .. “Helsinki illustrator and metal-worker Johanna Sonninen


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